Attitude adjustment and resolutions


Some say resolutions are made to be broken, especially when we have the high expectation that we will most certainly break old destructive habits. We simply may be setting ourselves up for failure by not honoring how we can go about realistically changing. Let’s be easy rather than hard on ourselves, kind and gentle rather than harsh and unforgiving. And then let’s throw in some self-examination for good measure as we focus on our feelings and attitudes BEFORE we make other, more specific, resolutions. It’s a four step process:

1. Value yourself

You are a unique individual who has a purpose. You deserve to be here.

2. Value your accomplishments

You have talents and abilities that others can and have benefitted from. Take time to focus on your accomplishments and not what you lack.

3. Value your creativeness

Your life has been a creative act. You have made the decisions which have brought you to this point. Concentrate upon what has gone right with your life not with what has gone wrong. Know that you will continue to create your life moving forward.

4. Feeling better about yourself? Now go ahead with making those resolutions…..

This information is for educational purposes only and should not in any way be considered a substitute for professional help. If you feel that you need immediate assistance please call your local psychiatric emergency services.

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