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Very few people, I find, are unassuming and able to have fun. In the world, as it stands now, we are encouraged to be self-aggrandizing, self-promoting, self-absorbed. There really is not a lot of incentive to be humble. It doesn’t get you far.

I lament this from time to time and, when I do, my thoughts often turn to my best friend, Dannie, now dead from AIDS for well over 20 years.

He was an incredible man who could be in the company of any group of people of any persuasion and be a hit. His enthusiasm and humor were unprecedented. He was a great improvisational comedian and dancer. His repartee was unparalleled. He was handsome without thinking of himself as such. (The best and most attractive kind of handsome in my book.) He enriched the lives of all those he encountered and was liked and loved by many. He cared for people as a profession and as a vocation. He gave his all to all he did.

To me, Dannie was, and always will be, the patron saint of a life well-lived. He bequeathed his bright spirit to all of his friends. We are still trying to live up to it.

9 thoughts on “Life example

  1. I will personally remember Danny as a great person …remember the great laughs we had touring SF in his Ford Falcon . However and as nice as your commentary is you forget to talk about yourself , you were in that car too and I enjoyed singing along and laughing with you guys for that memorable summer …..was it 1988 ?
    Jean Jacques

    1. I will never forget that time, Jean Jacques. We had an instant connection; it was as if we had known each other before….So great to be in contact again!

  2. Dannie was so comfortable in his own skin……no pretension, agenda or strategy………..what a gift to have in life………thanks Kathleen……I will think of him all day today and try to be as pure as he was……………

    1. He had a special place in his heart for you, Linda. It is great that we can keep his memory alive…

    1. Yes, Dexter, he was a caring and uncomplicated person. Role model is too crude a phrase…..
      Thanks for reading!

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